How to Avoid Scammers on Bisexual Hookup Sites

Posted by | Aug 17, 2018

Avoid Scammers on Bisexual Hookup SitesMost bisexual dating websites, including the most notable ones, don't thoroughly check on people who join with them. That means it is up to you on whom you are going to deal with. And it is your privilege to determine if a person you contact is bogus or not.

Here are how you can avoid the scammers on the bisexual hookup sites.

Reverse image search

Save the picture of the profile to your PC, laptop, or your mobile device. Then you could run the search through a reverse-image search engine. The best one is Google Images. If you see the same images in the results, with different names and details, then you are right to suspect that person.

Email search

If you have been contacting with someone, you could check his or her email address. Cross-check it with the database of the scammers. One of the most popular sites is Romance Scams. Websites of scam lists store the list of the scammers who use a fake email address and false details.


Yes, indeed. You are looking for a serious dating partner. Then it is normal if you are interviewing the bisexual singles. Keep in mind that bisexual is an inconvenient niche in specific environments. So, you will want to deal with the person who can keep the matters classified. And you wish that the person you meet online is indeed real. Also, use your sense. If by chance someone claims to be living outside the country, and it is hard to make a video call with him or her, then you most definitely meet a scammer.

Scammers are profit-minded

If they bi couples are just known you for a while, and they asked for money, then you could consider them as a scammer. After all, people won't ask you for money if their purpose is online dating. They'd never do that. If someone asks you for money, consider skipping these profiles.

Scammers can slip

The scammers are people with a fake identity. Their counterfeit profiles don't exist. They realize that they don't work as himself. They are reaching a lot of people to be their victims at once. And they don't have the interest to know you personally. That means they often get the details wrong. Scammers may call your name wrong, or talk about other things that they may recall from other people.

They love you too soon

Scammers in the bisexual dating sites don't like or love you. They act like the end of the world is near so that they would reach you, say those five magical words, and want you to commit to them. Then when you are lured into their trapped, they will say "I love you." A few days later, they will say that their father is sick. They need to borrow your money to pay for the hospital bills. What you don't know is that you will never get your money back.